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Digital Transformation: Strategic Tools & Frameworks for Success is a Course

Digital Transformation: Strategic Tools & Frameworks for Success

Time limit: 365 days

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Digital technology is fundamentally changing the competitive landscape. We are surrounded by products that are connected to the internet: smart phones, smart cars, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart light bulbs and more. Ironically, innovation is never about just inventing new technology. Innovation is making technology meaningful and valuable to us. It requires us to truly understand us (people), what we do, why we do what we do, what makes us happy and what we consider meaningful and valuable. 

Digital innovation is not about technology. It is a deeply humanistic endeavor to improve human lives with digital technology.

 Youngjin Yoo, PhD

In order to fully harness the transformative capacity of digital technology, we must gain deeper insights on people and their actions, meanings and values. Only when we are equipped with such deeper humanistic cultural understanding of people and their actions, are we able to create meaningful digital innovations that have enduring values in the society.


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